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How to hunt for executive talent in the undergrowth

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

My role is a really interesting one

I work in the food and ingredients sector as an executive recruiter. In recent years I’ve found my specialism has become even more niche. Significant positions have their focus around plant based and lab produced meat technologies. These roles are extremely specialized and I need to explore beyond the well-trodden paths to discover hidden talent!

I always think how extraordinary current employment opportunities really are

They evolve and transform over time. Who could have imagined working in a job that encompassed this kind of vision:

We grow mushroom mycelium to create delicious and healthy raw ingredients for meat alternative products. Our mission is to produce nutritious and sustainable foods that appeal to both meat-eaters and vegetarians. We believe in a food system that provides accessible nutrition for everyone while preserving our planet.

You probably wouldn’t have come across this kind of mission statement twenty five years ago. Yet, however new the process or philosophy, traditional skills are still required.

For example, we have been asked to support a client with the recruitment of a lead technical person who would take responsibility for the technical product development process and for generating new ideas from initial concept over laboratory scale to potential upscaling applications. Combined with the technical expertise they would need to have strong leadership skills and experience of working cross functionally both internally.

Anyone would recognise these skills and attributes

However, the products being created, developed and produced are ground-breaking and with the potential to have a profound effect on what we eat.

Yet, what I have noticed is how candidates are expecting much more from their employment.

They are open to difference, excitement and being risk takers. However, they are also keen to be part of a company that takes ethics seriously and offers more than just a good salary, bonus scheme and a generous holiday allowance.

As recruiters we understand that first impressions count

Companies need to demonstrate how they look after potential and existing employees and what benefits (sometimes slightly intangible ones) are available to applicants. Therefore we create specific collateral for each role to entice potential candidates out from the undergrowth.

We also know the very best candidates are not necessarily actively looking for a new role

Yet a professional prospectus outlining a company’s vision and the job offer does pique interest. We are curious creatures, after all, and when someone offers us an enticing document we can’t help but peruse its contents. It’s human nature.

As a shortage of talent and specific skills begins to bite it has never been more important for a company to sell both themselves and their vacancy. Although I work at executive level, I think this is true for every hire a company is thinking of making. The past two years has demonstrated how symbiotically connected we are and how one missing cog in the wheel (or behind the wheel even) can have a profound impact.

At Meyrick Consulting we take considerable time and effort to create some outstanding candidate packs that really market businesses and vacancies effectively. We have a vast library of press cuttings and research garnered over decades that puts us in an excellent position to spotlight candidates that are camouflaged to the casual explorer.

Therefore, if you are looking for a role that appears challenging to fill then it’s worth having a conversation with us. We would be happy to organise an initial exploration and even share some of the promotional asset templates we create for our clients. What are you waiting for?

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