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Why Use An Independent Executive Recruiter?

When faced with the decision to appoint an Executive Search firm do you immediately turn to the global “big brand” recruiters?

Yes, there is often a rationale to do so but have you ever questioned this decision?

Global Head-Hunter firms with an international presence carry massive overheads. You know the drill: property costs, administrative and support staff (non fee-earning) doubling up on roles etc. Also, they rack up other significant expenses involved in running large corporate entities.

Will you be contributing additional costs when you using a Global Head Hunter firm?

It’s pretty obvious that before making any profit these overheads need to be covered. Obviously the only way this can be achieved is by passing costs across to the client company. It is clear this is the main reason behind why they have to charge significantly higher fees for services compared to a leaner operation.

Is there a viable alternative to big brand recruitment firms?

You might like to know the independent Executive Search firm on the other hand operates a very lean, and by comparison, low cost operation with a significantly lower percentage of non fee-earning to fee-earning staff. Therefore this allows these companies to operate far more cost effectively in the market place. Inevitably this will be reflected in their fee structures.

Do large recruitment firms represent increased value for money?

Often the perception is that utilising a large firm of Head-Hunters affords a better level of service. This will ultimately lead to a better quality of candidate. Does that necessarily follow? Large firms with their many directors or partners will tend to deal with numerous clients. In some instances clients operate within the exact same sectors. Therefore this may well cause a potential conflict of client interest. In some cases it even renders the best candidate “off limits”. However, as these firms have large client bases when a client is lost they have many more to work with. How does that affect your needs? How frustrating can this be when you are keen to recruit?

Why are independent firms different?

On the other hand the independent firm will only work with a small number of clients. They place a huge value on each individual client and their specific needs. This means by working with a smaller firm you are more likely to receive a professionally bespoke and tailored service. It’s likely that you will also deal with the firm’s owner. It’s obvious that s/he will have a vested interest in ensuring that results are delivered in a time-efficient manner to solve your exact needs.

You can rely on the fact that the value an independent firm places upon clients is huge. They understand the only way to retain their client base is by delivering quality candidates every single time. If that sounds like something you would like to explore then do give us a call. We exist to make a difference to your recruitment needs and processes.

We cover Asia and the Americas in our search for clients when appropriate

For example we undertook a detailed and thorough market mapping exercise of the market for one client. This took in the whole EMEA region. It became evident at an early stage that the market we were looking to recruit from was very niche and relatively small. This required us to then extend this exercise beyond the immediate region to encompass Asia and the Americas. This incredibly detailed piece of work identified just over 300 people globally that had at least the required technical skills required for the position.

The next step in the process was to engage personally with each of the potential candidates

This meant we could elicit their potential interest and overall suitability for the position. Many of the candidates approached were not actively seeking a new position but part of our role in the recruitment process is to act as an ambassador on behalf of clients to promote both the client organisation and the opportunity and potential for career development.

We were proud to then finally present four thoroughly vetted, close fit candidates for the company to interview. I think it’s fair to say that nothing is too much effort for us when it means finding the right candidate for your needs.

Therefore, we’d just like to add that if you are struggling to find the right person for the right job then Meyrick Consulting may well be able to help you out. Why not book a call and talk through your specific food industry recruitment needs.

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