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Surviving Home Working

It's the start of a brand new week. In case you’re struggling to wrap your head around this strange old time here are my 7 top tips on how to actually thrive in this isolation period of home working:

1. Unplug - Take some time to switch off your computer, tablet and phone. Yes, I know that is a scary thought but be strong! Being online all the time isn’t good for anyone during this time; switching off news notification is also a smart move. Choosing to stay offline for periods will allow you to be more present and take advantage of the time you’ve got with your family right now. We often moan that time is something we are not blessed with, so let's use it wisely and be positive wherever it's possible.

2. Eat well - Fuel your body with what it needs. Eating well, vitamin C rich and energy giving foods is a good idea too. Even better, try to do some exercise at home. There are so many online options that most tastes are catered for from Pilates to yoga, weights and cardio, really there is no excuse. The health benefits are obvious but these simple actions can also help lift your mood right now. Something we all need to avoid is getting too stressed about everything. Worry never solved anything but positive actions can make a massive difference.

3. Embrace the noise - If you’ve got kids at home you can particularly relate to this. Your house will be far from the quiet office space you’re used to using. You can choose to get frustrated at the wrestling, spontaneous concerts and arguing going on in the living room or you can choose to just take it for what it is. And remember, if you’re on a call with someone the likelihood is if they’ve got kids and they will be in the same boat.

4. Get a plan of action - Instead of thinking “How on earth will my business survive?” and “What is going to become of the economy?” Come up with a plan now. What can you do to be one step ahead? Think of some action steps now. Talk to others online, pick brains, collaborate and ask for advice. If there's one thing we've come to realise is that people really are reaching out during this pandemic. It's an opportunity to establish new working relationships you would never have experienced before. Don't waste some fantastic opportunities.

5. Limit news intake - I’m all for being informed and staying in the loop, but there’s a line. Getting news updates on your phone, following SkyNews on twitter, goggling the stats in your area can all be too much. Ask yourself this, how does looking at/reading up on the news frequently make me feel? How does it serve me? What can I do about it? Make your decision based on those answers. Sometimes just putting on headphones and listening to something uplifting, soothing or whatever your need can be very productive. Being an expert in statistics may not be.

6. Give yourself a damn break! - I don’t mean literally here! This is not me recommending you down tools. What I mean is, that ever growing to-do list might not get done today, and that’s ok. Routine is different, your family is home and the whole world feels a bit uneasy. Recognise that and try to give yourself a break, putting pressure on yourself will only make you feel worse. Do something completely different. Make family time, make me time, do everything much more slowly and mindfully. We may well learn some very valuable lessons as we progress through this.n

7. Keep a positive attitude - Keeping positive at a time like this is hard work but really important. I read online “If you’ve got kids, they will remember how their parents were during this time. You are modelling to them. Stay calm and positive when you can.” I couldn’t agree more. We are influencers whether we realise it or not. And if you don’t have kids think about how your mindset is impacting you and your sleep, eating patterns, thoughts and actions. Quite a number of people will have lost face-to-face contact and will be working from home alone, reach out to them too. Whether you are alone or have family there are challenges with both situations. What we need is to develop patience, empathy and understanding; this may be a very long haul. All I can say is do make a conscious decision to keep your mind focused and positive.

Do you have any tips that work for you?

This week I will be helping Hiring managers put together a plan on how to move forward and push their business through this time of uncertainty, if you’d like my help click the link below to book a call with us.

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Thanks and do take care of yourself

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