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It’s time to be excited about the future of work isn’t it?

So many of us find ourselves wandering around (well, in our heads at least) in a brave new world. Whatever we took for granted is just not appropriate anymore. I am an executive recruiter and you can imagine life is just a tad surreal right now.

We are witnessing a jobs market that is acting like an accordion.

Some niches are contracting while others like supermarket internet deliveries are expanding exponentially. Lockdowns, redundancies and furloughs are something none of us could have predicted. Therefore, you don’t need to be a genius to see that recruitment is in abeyance within many sectors.

Think again - after all, we’ve never had more time to do this

Speaking to a colleague recently she told me that UK marketers are an especially hesitant sector. 85% of surveyed companies have delayed new hires or are reviewing their next move. Although this figure is shocking, we do have to remember that the future of work still does rely very heavily on staff. So, now is the time to think about why you recruited in the first place. Yes, this might be an opportunity to review and reappraise but judicious hiring might actually be transformational to businesses. Although the landscape is extremely challenging, companies still need people; maybe it’s just an opportunity to think about just what you need them to do going forward.

Keep talking

To that end I have kept communication at the very top of my agenda. There have been so many people I have spoken with over the last few weeks, I have almost enjoyed the forced opportunities this lockdown has created. I really believe that supporting one another, working and thinking collaboratively are important qualities to develop. The key thing is not to be forgotten in all this madness. When we find the ice beginning to thaw, we need to be in a position to make progress quickly. People do remember the way they were treated through bad times as well as good.

The future could be a really exciting challenge

I know this is an opportunity approach things differently, not just in terms of social distancing, but to review who we are, what we do and how we want to move forward. Digital transformation has increased dramatically and our ability to be agile, lean, creative and flexible has probably never been better. Personally, I am very excited about what the future may hold, although it is of course still extremely daunting. Who knows what will happen over the next twelve months?

Meanwhile I make my phone calls

In fact, every day I do my best to help others in my community by helping out where I can. I think what this virus has demonstrated is that we need one another and as the poet John Donne said ‘no (wo)man is an island’. I have to admit that my days are actually crazily busy, juggling home schooling and work, which to be honest with you, is now quite a relief from long division! Therefore, I say, take the opportunity to think, plan and reach out. You may not be in a position to do much right now but it’s best to be prepared when the starting gun is finally fired.

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