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It's Coming... So Get The Most Out Of It!

With the Christmas season coming into full swing, you may be tempted to put your hiring activities on hold…. But hold that thought because all of the reasons you can think of for putting things on hold, are actually reasons to do just the opposite.

With all the parties, lunches and catch up drinks you will be trying to fit in before Christmas or New Year, these are all great hiring networking opportunities. Make the most of the festive cheer and chat up your industry contacts for referrals and advice.

It's often easier for Senior Executives within the Food Ingredients sector to find the time to come in for an interview during the holiday period because they are already taking time off from their current job. You are also far more likely to be able to connect with and attract the attention of great people because you will be doing the exact opposite from everyone else.

We all do it…. Make New Year’s resolutions that is… Keeping your hiring activities going when all around you are busy eating turkey, means you will be ready and in the strongest position to secure the best people that have made their New Year’s resolutions to get that new job.

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