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I can't resist the presents!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and it’s a time that I really look forward to and enjoy with my family. I also like to think that we share our Christmas spirit and do our bit to reach out and help others during the festive season.

I hate to admit it, but the presents have always been my favourite part. Although that has never really changed, over the years my appreciation of them has.

Let me explain…

When I was young, I was like most children in that I would rip through my present’s one after the other getting carried away with the anticipation of what the next present might be… and the present after that. Not fully appreciating the gift I held in my hands.

When I grew up, my excitement and enjoyment about present opening time has remained the same. However, I take much more time to open my gifts and to truly appreciate each one; the thought that has gone into it; how it positively impacts me and to show my appreciation to the person who gave it to me.

It got me thinking…

Throughout my many years of placing top performing Senior Executive candidates with Leading Food Ingredients businesses, one thing I know is that business owners and Hiring Managers are very busy people and when they want CVs for their open positions, they want lots of them! Even when they have the CV of an exceptional candidate that ticks all the boxes, they don’t necessarily take action, because they’re wondering if something better might come along.

Another thing I know is that TIME kills even the best recruitment processes, so appreciate the CVs you have now. I’m not suggesting you compromise and select the best of a bad bunch, far from it. Simply that you don’t miss out on a really great candidate, because you think something better might come next.

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