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How do you find out what your clients really need?

Recently I put out a questionnaire on Scoreapp. Our brand-new scorecard is a short survey that will demonstrate just how well your company is managing some of the biggest developments in our future business strategy and philosophical approach to people, place and data.

For example, what’s your approach to:

  • · ESG

  • · Diversity and Inclusion

  • · Artificial Intelligence and Data Integration

  • · Plant Based Trend

  • · Leadership Planning

This trio are all key concerns right now so if you want to know just how effective your company’s approach and response to these heavyweights really is then do click here. It’s a quick survey that yields big results for a five-minute time investment.

It’s worth considering questions such as:

  • Does your company have an ESG policy?

  • Is your company developing an ESG policy at present?

  • Are you just focusing on the environmental aspect?


  • Does your company have a fully formed Diversity & Inclusion policy?

  • Is this initiative on the back burner in your company?

  • Are you on target to achieve D&I objectives set in Q1 2021?

Or even

  • Has data acceleration worked effectively in your organisation?

  • Has AI and Data acceleration been particularly challenging?

We were able to create a quick but pretty comprehensive survey using Scorceapp that makes it really easy to survey existing clients and prospective clients. It’s useful for our business but actually very useful for anyone that takes five minutes to answer a few pertinent questions. An example of one survey looked like this:

If you ever needed a quick resume as to where your next strategy should be developed, then this type of survey works extremely well. We are always looking for ways to further develop our consultancy in the food and ingredients recruitment sector and will no doubt develop another survey based around succession planning.

Meanwhile, if you would like to know how a Post Hire Strategy could help retention, and also demonstrate just why a candidate should choose your company as their next move, then please click here

On the other hand, if you are considering making a major hire this year, then I can help eliminate wasted time and effort. In addition, Meyrick Consulting will create attractive collateral for your role and ensure your vacancy gains the traction it deserves. To transform your recruitment process the journey starts with this important conversation.

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