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Hiring in 2019? You’d better start right now

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

You might think, ‘What? Really?’ Yes, now. If you are thinking of recruiting for 2019 then you had better start the process right now.

As I am writing this it’s August, the sun is shining and there might still be a few trips to the beach left in the season. It’s not the time to be thinking about new staff, especially as the need may not be appropriate until the New Year.

However, if you think about it there are only four months left until 2018 comes to a close; scary isn’t it? We also know December is notoriously slack when it comes to decision-making and actually getting things done. Therefore you probably have just 12 short weeks for the process if you are looking at a new hire for 2019.

The process of hiring new staff may seem straightforward but there is much to consider. For example:

1. How long is it going to take to explain just what your company or organisation is looking for and the impact you want this new hire to have on the business ?

2. How long will the promotional process take so candidates know just what your organisation stands for and how attractive it is as an employer?

3. How long will it take for your recruiter to research and map the market to find suitable candidates that have the right fit to begin drawing up a long list

4. How long will it take to get from long list to qualified short list, arrange interviews and set the ball rolling?

5. What happens if your candidate needs to give three months’ or in some cases six month’s notice?

Suddenly the remaining weeks of 2018 are all used up and that is exactly why we advise that you leave enough time to go through the process thoroughly so your recruitment demands can be fulfilled effectively.

It’s not surprising really, as actually we find from experience that it actually takes between 4 to 6 weeks to shortlist if the process is carried through professionally. Bearing in mind how important a new hire will be it seems inappropriate not to spend considerable time finding the exact fit or an exciting ‘left field’ opportunity.

We then continue to do more research. Candidates are then interviewed, screened and finally we check references. If that happened on the 10th September 2018 for example then this would take approximately two weeks. The final round would then commence at the beginning of October.

If your candidate needs to give three months or sometimes six months notice then that takes you well into 2019. However, if you do find the perfect candidate and that is our aim after all and you are prepared to wait for them then an interim hire would be an excellent temporary solution.

Interim staff can be a valuable asset to businesses large and small. They can be brought in to plug a specific gap or immediate need. They can also be hired to buy time or assist with a specific project. Sometimes they are great for handling an integration process for example and you don’t have to hire them on a full time contract. The greatest benefit when hiring an interim member of staff is that you don’t have to worry about letting them go and often there is just a week’s notice required on either side. We often find they are over qualified for the job so you receive excellent value for money and they also don’t get involved in the internal politics. Therefore it really is a win/win situation.

If you are thinking of hiring in 2019 we have a number of options that can assist you to develop your staff plans appropriately for your size, need, budget and potential.

Also if you need assistance regarding recruitment then do organise an informal chat so I can understand your specific needs. It may still feel like summer but 2019 really is, rather amazingly, just around the corner. I’m sure I only put the Christmas tree back in the loft last week!

If you want help in finding the best possible candidates in the current market here are 3 ways I can help

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I look forward to working in a creative and optimistic manner to fulfil your recruitment needs.


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