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The Big, The Giant and The Monsterous

In this monthly newsletter, we’ll cover everything food, ingredients and beverages – from new product launches, leadership movements, and investments being made and secured by the exciting and fast-growing. If it involves the food industry, we’ll be talking about it.

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Our LinkedIn newsletter will be a summary of all of the topics in the month. But, this month one of the topics which gained the most interest was the construction of facilities that are driving innovation in the industry.

Take a look at some of the monster constructions being erected across the globe to help support, accelerate and increase the markets’ innovation and supply capabilities.

First, one of the big names in ingredients right now… Firmenich. As the largest privately-owned company in the fragrance and taste industry, it was no surprise they were looking to expand their product development capabilities and with a new West Cost Innovation Centre supporting end-to-end product development allowing the company to continue to produce industry-leading, they are continuing on a positive trajectory.

Emmanuel Butstraen, President of Taste & Beyond, Firmenich said…“This state-of-the-art facility and its integration with the global Firmenich network and regional areas of expertise mirror our partnership with Stanford University on a next-generation research program and our San Diego taste research and development centre. They enable Firmenich to move to the next era of excellence in taste and beyond”

Next we’re taking a look at this oversized $30 million, 49-acre of GNT – manufacturer of EXBERRY Colouring Foods as they expand their operation in North America and are centrally located in Gaston County yet providing colouring food throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

As a family-owned business, throughout its 45-year history, the goal at GNT is to continuously invest in innovation and this new facility will deliver on this fundamental objective. “Our globally aligned innovation focus fields are a big part of our investment strategy to offer new colouring food solutions. The expected completion of the next phase will bring finished goods production even closer to our North American customers by the end of 2022. This will increase the speed of bringing innovation to market,” says Hendrik Hoeck.

Hendrik Hoeck, CEO at GNT Group B.V., told “As the global leader of colouring food we see consistent demand for our colours as the consumption of products that are formulated with EXBERRY continues to grow. Part of our Strategic Growth Plan is a multiple-phase expansion in North America. I am happy to announce the completion of the initial phase with our warehouse commissioning on October 15, 2021. This will bring increased capacity, supply-chain efficiency and improved control of inventory.”

A newsletter on the food industry wouldn’t be complete without at least mentioning the soaring state of the plant-based sector and so here we have it. A company that cannot keep up with demand is the Swedish oat milk producer Oatly. With a mildly confusing website and an appetite to take over the globe's supply of oat milk, this outfit is investing in not one but three new facilities – strategically positioned in the UK, China, Utah and Singapore.

This investment in their manufacturing processes comes after a plummeting share price due to delayed orders and Oatly’s 2021 prediction of rocketing inflation rates.

The company is going through some tough times but all of its problems are created by its exponential scaling in line with its international success.

Oatly's Chinese facility...

Oatly's UK facility...

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