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Let's talk Jigsaw Puzzles

Let's talk about jigsaw puzzles…

Perhaps not the most exhilarating topic to write about, but it's something I know you can relate to.

I’ve spent many hours over the years putting these things together… And no matter what age you are, I'm sure you have at some point in your life too. (My 7 and 5 year old kids still have them, still very occasionally "play" with them even though they have perhaps better, more modern options like the IPad).

Anyway... I like the way you have to put the small pieces together… piece by piece… gradually building the bigger picture. And the thing about Jigsaw puzzles is that even though most of the time you know what it’s going to look like when it’s finished, you still need a system for putting it together. Otherwise, you're just going to make things difficult for yourself.

Personally, I like putting all the edges together first, separating the rest of the pieces by colour and then filling in the middle from the outside in…. It always seems a lot easier doing it that way.

You see…

When you get the fundamentals right, everything else just slots into place… piece by piece.

It’s not too dissimilar from how you SHOULD be attracting top Senior Executive talent to your business.

The problem is… so many Hiring Managers get this wrong by trying to attract top talent, without getting the fundamentals right…

Fundamentals like…

What you need to say and do on your website to attract top performing Senior Executives.

Or… understanding that executives are motivated by more than just the money …

Or… what to say and what NOT to say during the interview process.

It’s all simple stuff… but get it wrong, and you face a long drawn out battle to win top talent. Get it right, and you'll have the top talent banging on your door wanting to join you.

The thing is, there is a formula for attracting top talent, and there is also the wrong way to do it… and I am offering free webinar training….

The 7 Essential Questions you MUST Ask A Food Ingredients Sector Search Firm To Ensure You Get The Best Senior Executives The Market Has To Offer...

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