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Buy Cheap Buy Twice

There’s nothing worse than hearing that adage when you think you’ve bagged yourself a bargain. All the balloon of purchase excitement is popped by the voice of good sense. We are all super excited by a bargain but then we all know that if something sounds too good to be true then yes, it probably is.

Finding true value is very important

It’s especially true when we get down to the thorny issue of recruitment. The question that really needs to be asked is whether you are getting the same results or the same service when you are paying fees of 15% or 25-30%. Yes, lower fees look so attractive, especially when a finance director is demanding to know just why the recruitment budget has been so high.

Don’t get hung up on fess without thinking of long-term value

Yet, have you ever really considered what service you are receiving from your choice of recruiter and is it really saving you money in the long run? I ask that question because companies often find recruitment fees a sticking point. I can prove my track record in the food and drink industry but they get hung up on the numbers. As I have experienced a number of conversations like this of late, I thought should be transparent and outline just what a specialist recruiter can bring to a company.

5 Reasons a specialist recruiter should be your first choice

1. Companies are very shy when it comes to paying up front for a recruitment service. It’s like a no win no fee legal deal, the client thinks all the risk sits with a legal team; that’ isn’t the case, and it’s certainly not the case when it comes to recruitment.

2. Contemporary contingency recruiters have their place. Sometimes they can deliver some fantastic results but if I may I’d like to compare this to a dating app. How many nights spent sitting at a bar being bored rigid, experiencing people cancelling, ghosting or simply no showing do you have to endure before you find a keeper? Yes, there’s loads of choice but you need to filter hard to find your perfect match. It’s not just the experience that is off-putting, it’s the time and commitment that has gone to waste. In a way recruitment can be like this. We are matching people with companies and positions and it’s really important that we screen people really carefully so that time, effort and money is not wasted.

3. Look at it this way. If you go with the usual recruitment crowd who predominantly rely on the likes of Total Jobs or Monster as an example speed is very much of the essence whereas specialist recruiters take a different line. My aim is to deliver, say, three candidates that have been screened and vetted and who know everything there is to know about the culture, career progression and vision of a company. Compare that to someone who is phoned or emailed saying: ‘There’s an opening at XYZ company as a sales director that might interest you; do you want me to put your CV forward?’ Rarely are people going to say no, especially if the salary is an improvement on what they are getting and especially if they are called at an inconvenient moment. It’s just easy to say yes. But will they be appropriate for that particular sales director role? You’ll have to take time, energy and money to find out one way or another.

4.What happens when you give your role to a few recruiters who plunder the internet and find the same candidates. You might end up with 6 CVs from each but how much replication will there be and how many will actually be suitable to even call to interview? What costs will there be to your company to do the work you haven’t paid for from a contingency recruiter?

5. Also, one thing to consider is if you have beaten down a contingency recruiter to their lowest rate and there are other clients paying more do you think it’s likely that your role is going to have priority? What will that mean when it comes to filling a role successfully and quickly?


I’ve been around the block and I have even seen a situation where a company transferred to a recruitment process outsourcer. This is where there was a panel of 6 recruiters all being paid a maximum fee of 12.5%. If this didn’t yield results they went to a second tier and what would happen is the same CV would land on their desk but from different agencies. You then have to ask, to whom does the CV belong? The answer, if you are interested, is the person who sent it first! Do you really want that kind of criteria to be the one upon which you make a major hire?

Bringing in the right people with wholly appropriate experience and the passion and drive to make a difference to your company can be hard to find. It takes people with years of experience and understanding to find, and then rigorously sift the right candidates. I know the people we put forward have been fully briefed about the exact expectations, culture, career progression. We don’t recommend people who might approximately be more-or-less in the right ballpark; we offer vetted team players.

Ask yourself just what the cost of hiring the wrong person might be for your company. Our aim is to find people, who may not even be on the jobs market, with the exact fit for your business. Imagine the true cost of hiring a sales person that doers not increase sales for example. What is the true cost of staff turn over when the candidate leaves after six months? Staff churn is never good for a company’s brand and reputation. It pays to invest in your company’s future.

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